Saturday, February 14, 2009

I cant fight the way that I feel..I need so badly to tell you that... this..
This passion has consumed me..
I'll let all these feelings take me over
It kills me to writ but it hurts more to hold inside..
how will it be when I speak these words..

I need, so badly, for you to know..
I need, even worse, to have you in my life.
Whatever you decide, want, choose.....choose happiness
choose this for yourself..
choose what you deserve..
Choose happiness..

See, you are not a friend; you are my priority and heart..
Our connection and energy are alive always.
beside you or far away - feel this presence.
This is beyond connection, beyond infatuation and I need you to know...
I know you are aware but...this is so much more.. it is so much stronger..

my feelings are deep.. my feelings are strong..
but inFACT...i'm just falling

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