Saturday, February 14, 2009

Distant yet close, keep me in sight
Im not so far away
on the other side, im still in reach
please...feel for me.

take this leap, it isnt so big
emotion, not length
across the way, give me a sign.
whisper to me

far to travel the length is hard
a matter of time
dare i ask if we will get there
honesty is key

It is not the distance
it is a matter of time
stay close to me
please let me reach you.
I cant fight the way that I feel..I need so badly to tell you that... this..
This passion has consumed me..
I'll let all these feelings take me over
It kills me to writ but it hurts more to hold inside..
how will it be when I speak these words..

I need, so badly, for you to know..
I need, even worse, to have you in my life.
Whatever you decide, want, choose.....choose happiness
choose this for yourself..
choose what you deserve..
Choose happiness..

See, you are not a friend; you are my priority and heart..
Our connection and energy are alive always.
beside you or far away - feel this presence.
This is beyond connection, beyond infatuation and I need you to know...
I know you are aware but...this is so much more.. it is so much stronger..

my feelings are deep.. my feelings are strong..
but inFACT...i'm just falling

Silent words

If I could just whisper
that would make it better
If I could mouth this
It would be so easy

I wish I could write to yu
so I can let you know
these are the feelings I have
just tearing me up inside

all i have are silent words
a feeling inside that cant be heard
look in my eyes and you'll know
cause my words struggle to show
just how i feel for you
my love trying to push through

dig deep for me so you can know
think deep and see how hard ive fallen
I feel like I;m ready to break
like I need to let you know
to let you know where I stand
to let you know how i feel

My heart is screaming out
my sould is reaching to you
no part of my is steady
only my lips are frozen

im about to burst
you need to know my being
i need you permission
please ask me the truth

I'll hint that im honest
I'll let you know I'm thinking
My mind is racing
just let me spill myself

I'll tekk you what you already know
My feelings arent a secret
ask me the inner most
for you, I will never hesitate

you'll ell me you know
you already know about me
so please just ask
I want us to be clear

Until then i'll hurt for you
until then i'll long for you
until then i'll wait for you
until then - wait for me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

No name...

Will this feeling go on
if you read me right
will it be in my favour
if I pour it out....

do you need to know
if what I feel is real
do you want me to go on
when I am constantly falling...

hold out you hand
my heart is yours
as long as you like
I will put my trust in you...

Again, not edited and not really complete.... I like it though... I think its flows strangely and thats what i was going for. It makes sense to me but it probably wont make sense to anyone normal lol.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

our position

Feeling uneasy - uncertain of where we stand
Hitting this wall I blank out in stillness
No place to go - I'm pinned down
Im a slave to these thoughts
My thoughts are a slave to you

I'll stay unable to move until I know
dont hold me in vain - my heart cant deal
I'll be safe knowing where we stand
I'll stop moving if I know where we're going

Move at your speed- I'll go as fast as you want
Come to a stop - I'll go as slow as you need.

Again, Im not always crazy about the things I write.. This is from a while ago as well.. I never really try to edit my stuff and I know I should. Its just emotions and I spit it out how I feel.