Saturday, February 14, 2009

Distant yet close, keep me in sight
Im not so far away
on the other side, im still in reach
please...feel for me.

take this leap, it isnt so big
emotion, not length
across the way, give me a sign.
whisper to me

far to travel the length is hard
a matter of time
dare i ask if we will get there
honesty is key

It is not the distance
it is a matter of time
stay close to me
please let me reach you.


  1. bravo for writing it out, and good luck. ;

  2. don't you just wish? Time is a thief...

    thanks for the comment and I'm glad I could assist you in the thinking process

  3. some interesting stuff i see you have here. keep up the good work. i greatly enjoyed them.

  4. interesting idea of writing. Also, ur acoustic blog is blocked!! I liked listening to you!

  5. wow thankyou much!

    good message in this one i like it