Monday, March 19, 2012

This is just on my mind

I feel alone. I feel hurt and broken.
I dont know where to go.
Who can I go to or reach to?
I am scared most of all. This is taking its toll.
I am going to lose it.
I feel this in the pit of my stomach.

Eating away at me. All I can do is let it runs its course. It is out of my hands and I pray it gets better.

Having trouble with my faith.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


A broken man, a tormented soul
a poisoned mind, an empty hole

so much to give so much to take
so much to love so much to hate

broken inside; battered; bruised
what is the point when there is so much to lose

too often before I've been on this road
still tortured inside by the ghosts of old

never ahead, just stuck in the role
a broken man, a tormented soul.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Mixed up inside with feelings of uncertainty. The decision to come is too much to bare. To stay, to leave, to come or to go.. Searching for the answer feels like betrayal.

How do you say goodbye to the one you love? The one you were certain about from the very start..
Is it her or myself and where did we go wrong?
How did we get to this point in time?

A cold hard shell protects this hollow image of a man who doesnt know how he got to this place. Acceptance of a fate unknown - hope has gone.

Scared of so many different things in this life. To lose a love so true and giving is almost reality. I need to breakfree and overcome these obstacles. Is it the love or the fear that hold me back?

Is it love or fear that keeps me here?....
....Is it love or fear?....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Im back

Just want to let people know I am back. Hope you guys still follow or still blog. I am sad I stopped for such a long time. I have been writing lots lately and want to start posting again. Stay tuned. Hope you are all around and still being creative.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Distant yet close, keep me in sight
Im not so far away
on the other side, im still in reach
please...feel for me.

take this leap, it isnt so big
emotion, not length
across the way, give me a sign.
whisper to me

far to travel the length is hard
a matter of time
dare i ask if we will get there
honesty is key

It is not the distance
it is a matter of time
stay close to me
please let me reach you.
I cant fight the way that I feel..I need so badly to tell you that... this..
This passion has consumed me..
I'll let all these feelings take me over
It kills me to writ but it hurts more to hold inside..
how will it be when I speak these words..

I need, so badly, for you to know..
I need, even worse, to have you in my life.
Whatever you decide, want, choose.....choose happiness
choose this for yourself..
choose what you deserve..
Choose happiness..

See, you are not a friend; you are my priority and heart..
Our connection and energy are alive always.
beside you or far away - feel this presence.
This is beyond connection, beyond infatuation and I need you to know...
I know you are aware but...this is so much more.. it is so much stronger..

my feelings are deep.. my feelings are strong..
but inFACT...i'm just falling

Silent words

If I could just whisper
that would make it better
If I could mouth this
It would be so easy

I wish I could write to yu
so I can let you know
these are the feelings I have
just tearing me up inside

all i have are silent words
a feeling inside that cant be heard
look in my eyes and you'll know
cause my words struggle to show
just how i feel for you
my love trying to push through

dig deep for me so you can know
think deep and see how hard ive fallen