Monday, June 13, 2011


Mixed up inside with feelings of uncertainty. The decision to come is too much to bare. To stay, to leave, to come or to go.. Searching for the answer feels like betrayal.

How do you say goodbye to the one you love? The one you were certain about from the very start..
Is it her or myself and where did we go wrong?
How did we get to this point in time?

A cold hard shell protects this hollow image of a man who doesnt know how he got to this place. Acceptance of a fate unknown - hope has gone.

Scared of so many different things in this life. To lose a love so true and giving is almost reality. I need to breakfree and overcome these obstacles. Is it the love or the fear that hold me back?

Is it love or fear that keeps me here?....
....Is it love or fear?....

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